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With my brother, Jamie’s, background in textiles, specifically cashmere, and my background in graphic design we hope and feel we have designed a product that works well and looks good.

Our goal is to continuously deliver the finest quality baby blankets and to ensure our customer service is absolutely second to none. Every single order means a great deal to us. We continuously strive to meet these goals every day.

Our current blanket collection is available in a wide range of cashmere options, with something for every budget and every taste.  Click to view the full collection here.

We source only the finest white cashmere to produce our baby blankets. This premium pure cashmere consists of white, long, fine hair from the under fleece of Mongolian goats which has been combed to remove the outer coat (or guard hair).  Cashmere production is an intensive and lengthy process, but is guaranteed to deliver a luxury product.  If you look after your cashmere lovingly it should last a life time.  Click here for instructions on how to care for your cashmere.

Cashmere is exceptionally soft for delicate baby skin, and also had the added benefit of being insulating on cold days yet light and breathable on warm days, ideal for summer and winter.  Cashmere is always going to be one of life’s luxuries and a cashmere baby blanket will become a treasured item when given as a special gift.  

I believe and hope that having my own children has also inspired me to provide the best possible product available.  The hard work and research we put into creating our finished items will give you a blanket your baby will love for many years to come.

We hope you agree, but feel free to let us know any comments by emailing us at info@angelcashmere.com

Thank you

Michelle – co-founder of Angel Cashmere



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