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Tooth Fairy and Baby Blanket Bags.


I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time but now it’s actually here ... what to blog about?  How to keep you, my lovely customers and readers entertained?  Although I guess there might only be around 2-3 people reading this first one.  Thanks Mum. 

You might already (hopefully) know quite a bit about Angel Cashmere and our blankets, so I won't constantly bore you with that, unless I have something new and exciting to share.  I'm always on the look out for interesting (to me at least!) features and articles on cashmere, baby blankets, babies, baby accessories etc. so I'll pass them on when I think they're entertaining and you might like to read them.  I'll also perhaps get contributions from people I work with and who help me with my own business.  Perhaps I should blog a little about my own life? Travels? Crafts? (but that might mean only 1 blog post a year.  Yes, like you, I have big plans for craft activities that are all on my 'to do when I have time' list... blame Pinterest for that, far too inspiring but, really, who has the time).  The children?  Sometimes they do make my laugh.  So, a little mix of everything I guess.

A little recent story from our, funny, entrepreneurial, youngest, Holly:

After losing her 1st tooth, she left a letter for tooth fairy ..."Please give me £1 but leave my tooth, as I want to show my friends” — so, ok, that happened.

Now, months later, she just said, “mum, just to let you know am putting my 1st tooth back under pillow tonight, going to ask for another £1 and a 'Frozen' story book.  The tooth fairy won't actually know it's not a new tooth so it'll be fine”.  Of course that’s not happening, but I had to laugh...




And to finish with a little bit of Angel news.  As well as the usual gift wrapping and boxes, our blankets are now going to be shipped in these lovely new canvas bags.  A nice little addition that mum can then use for any purpose she likes. I think they would be perfect for carrying nappies and supplies when mum doesn’t need or want to carry the big nappy bag. Let me know what you would use them for?

Until the next time,


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