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Lovely new review for our Light Chocolate Stripe Cashmere Baby Blanket


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Thank you to Ally for such lovely comments about our blanket:#

Bringing a newborn home is pretty scary and we wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. You learn so many things about how sensitive their skin is, especially in the beginning, so getting a blanket that was as soft and pure as possible was on our must-have list. As you can’t beat cashmere for softness, comfort and luxury, Angel Cashmere was the first port of call to invest in a blanket to wrap him up in at the hospital and then later to keep him snug in the car seat and pram. We chose the ribbed chocolate striped version which was the perfect size for a newborn and slept with it in our bed for a week before the due date as we have read it is good for the blanket to smell like you to help comfort the baby. It was so soft I wanted to keep it for myself! The light chocolate colour we chose is perfect to cover any stains or accidents but we haven’t had the need to have it cleaned yet. The price point is also great for cashmere, the blanket we chose is currently on sale for £53 on the site which is amazing for the premium material and care and attention that have gone into making it. The only thing missing are washing instructions that I cannot seem to find on the website so we are planning to investigate whether it can be washed or needs to be dry cleaned but just to have for the initial stages of the baby’s life is wonderful as you know your baby will be comfortable and safe in the fabric.

Ally, mum to baby Tenison

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